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Natural amethyst cluster purple quartz crystal geode

Natural amethyst cluster purple quartz crystal geode

Amethyst Crystal Geode From Uruguay – 10 to 12.5 Lb, Large Amethyst Cluster Rock

Generate Positive Vibes – For centuries, humans have turned to the world around us to heal. Harness the power of your amethyst stone to help ease tension, purify your aura, and promote positivity.

Cultivate Peace - Create a calming space in your home or office with a purposely placed amethyst geode. Improve the flow of energy in any space by adding the geode to your meditation accessories.

Align Your Chakras - Includes a crystal bracelet made to bring balance. It has healing crystals: volcanic stone, amethyst, lapis lazuli, agate, tourmaline, tiger's eye, carnelian and garnet.

Gift of nature - Anyone can appreciate the beauty of this Raw Amethyst Crystal Set. Geodes are stress relief gifts for women or men who want to improve their mental or physical health.

Take me with you – We believe in the power of nature. Our mission is to enhance your spiritual well-being with cleansing amethyst geodes sourced directly from the deep rock of the Earth.

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