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Aura Crystal Cleanse Kit

Aura Crystal Cleanse Kit

The Aura Crystal Cleanse Kit utilizes the colors of the aura and provides a guide to understanding our emotions, consciousness, processes and energy centers.

This kit includes 10 colored healing stones that coordinate with the seven energy layers of the aura system, as well as a quartz point to complete total aura balancing techniques. All come smudged (blessed), in an organza gift bag, with complete instructions, aura color therapy cleaning tips, and healing information on every layer of the aura, from touch to meditation, breathing to toning, and more . There are two stones that can be exchanged for the Etheric and Astral levels of the Aura or used as stones outside the Ketheric boundaries of the auric field.

This kit also contains a sample of our *new* Aura-luxe perfume, one of our Aura herbal tea samples, and aura-stimulating incense.

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