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13 Celtic Moon Stone Set

13 Celtic Moon Stone Set

The 13 Celtic Moons are a reference to the calendar having 13 months of 28 days and an extra day posited as the “year and a day”. It begins with the winter solstice, in contrast to the tradition of Samhain as the Celtic New Year.

The Ogham is sometimes called the Celtic Tree Alphabet, based on ancient medieval “Br’­atharogam” tradition ascribing names of trees to the individual letters.

Author Robert Graves theorized that if the oghams were associated with the 13 sacred trees and that they followed the 13 moons of the calendar year then each moon, must be associated with the tree of that month.

Crystals and stones were seen as tools for divination, objects of protection, luck and associated with places of worship and blessings. From the standing stones at Carnac and megaliths at Stonehenge to the Winter Solstice tomb at Newgrange and looming mound in Glastonbury, stones have been used to mark territories, honor grave sites and invoke seasonal ceremonies. They have been revered as touchstones and used as altars or “mass rocks” for centuries.

This set takes you on a magical journey and meditation using crystals associated with each moon, birth month, and Sacred tree. You can use the crystals in many ways and the set comes with complete instructions. It includes 13 crystals associated with each moon. The set is complete with a Celtic Zodiac, glass-domed moon (with an adhesive backing), and organza bag for storage.

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